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            Contact us

            • Address:No. 206 Honghui Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
            • Telephone:+86-24-25354582
            • Email:tdmy118@163.com

            78 hazardous chemical companies were shut down and 12 chemical companies were permanently suspended

            Origin:Hefan    Hit:    Time:2020-06-01

                    Recently, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province has successively shut down 78 dangerous chemical companies that do not comply with relevant industrial policies, and stopped 114 chemical construction projects. In the three-year tough action plan for the special rectification of the chemical industry, the city plans to close down more than 20 small-scale and poor-quality hazardous chemical companies this year, and continue to optimize the city's hazardous chemical industry development structure.
                    There are 12 chemical parks in Shijiazhuang City. Among the hazardous chemicals production, use and operation enterprises, 75 are regulated enterprises and 1,710 are small, medium and micro enterprises; 93 enterprises are involved in "two key points and one major" and 192 are major hazards. These enterprises have a small production scale, complex processes, many types of products, old facilities and equipment, low quality personnel, and heavy safety supervision tasks.
                    In this regard, the city attaches great importance to it. The Municipal Security Committee has established a long-term mechanism for party and government leading cadres to pack key hazardous chemical companies. 16 city leaders have packaged 23 counties (cities, districts), county-level leaders and townships. Section-level leaders have packaged 1,308 hazardous chemical companies and achieved full coverage of key hazardous chemical companies.
                    In the special rectification action of the chemical industry, the city paid close attention to risk control and hidden trouble investigation and governance. The government invested 8.8 million yuan, hired experts from the China Chemical Industry Association to resident enterprises, and conducted expert "consultations." Ten counties (cities, districts) have also successively hired provincial and municipal experts and intermediary agencies to carry out diagnostic tests on hazardous chemical companies. Continue to strengthen the legal construction of production safety, continue to increase the penalties for violations of laws and regulations by dangerous chemical companies, and force the implementation of corporate responsibility with high pressure.
                    In addition, the city has accelerated the construction of an information platform. All 78 major hazardous source enterprises in the city have installed safety instrumented systems to achieve three levels of interconnection among provinces, cities and counties; completed the construction of intelligent “two doors” for 98 hazardous chemical companies; 35 hazardous chemical companies Remote video review and supervision of fire operations; the establishment of a "dangerous chemicals traceability system" to achieve the safety supervision of the entire chain of hazardous chemicals.
                    In response to the problem of insufficient law enforcement capabilities of primary hazardous chemical safety supervisors, the city continued to increase its safety training and education, and trained hazardous chemical safety supervisors and law enforcement officers, hazardous chemical high-risk enterprise managers, team leaders, special operations personnel, and townships (Street) Entrust law enforcement personnel for training.

            On May 26, the website of the People's Government of Gaoqing County, Zibo City released: According to the notification requirements of "Zibo City Implements the Central Province Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector and" Look Back "Feedback Regulations for the Correction of Sales Numbers" The planning procedures of the chemical enterprise's rectification work will be publicized.
                    There are 19 chemical companies with imperfect planning procedures in our county. Up to now, the 19 companies have been handled in accordance with the law and regulations, completed the rectification tasks in strict accordance with the requirements, and conducted on-site inspections in time. "Look at" the relevant issues rectification and acceptance situation is announced as follows:
            1. Those who do not need to go through the planning permission procedures again (5 companies)
            1) Zibo Zibo Huigangchuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (lease a planned factory building)
            2) Zibo Fangzhong Chemical Co., Ltd. (It has been converted into a non-chemical enterprise, and the company name was changed to Zibo Fangzhong Biological Technology Co., Ltd.)
            3) Zibo Guorui Chemical Co., Ltd. (It has been converted into a non-chemical enterprise, and the company name was changed to Guorui Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.)
            4) Zibo Maifeng Titanium White Technology Co., Ltd. (It has been converted into a non-chemical enterprise, and the company name is changed to Maifeng Environmental Protection Material Technology Co., Ltd.)
            5) Gaoqing Zhengtuo Diwei Gas Co., Ltd. (with industrial and commercial registration, not actually constructed)
            2. Within the scope of urban planning land that meets the conditions for the re-application of planning permission procedures, and has been re-applied according to law (2 companies)
            1) Zibo Tianrun Gas Co., Ltd. (located in the overall planning area of ??the county, and the nature of the land use conforms to the plan)
            2) Zibo Beiwei Carbon Dioxide Development Co., Ltd. (located in the planning area of ??Qingcheng Town, the nature of land use conforms to the plan)
            3. Those within the scope of urban planning land that do not meet the conditions for the re-application of planning permits and have been dealt with in accordance with the law (12)
            1) Gaoqing Chunxing Light Hydrocarbon Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines the illegal nature and transfers it to the unit that exercises the power of planning administrative law enforcement. The law enforcement unit has issued a penalty decision and permanently suspended production)
            2) Zibo Aojialiangyi Chemical Co., Ltd. (the planning department has determined the illegal nature and transferred it to the unit that exercises the administrative power of planning administration. The law enforcement unit has issued a penalty decision and permanently suspended production)
            3) Shandong Dingsheng Zirconium Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines that it is illegal and transfers to the unit that exercises the administrative power of planning, and permanently suspends production)
            4) Zibo Zhuxin Chemical Co., Ltd. (the planning department determined that it was illegal and handed over, the unit that planned the administrative law enforcement authority has issued a penalty decision, and permanently suspended production)
            5) Zibo Haotong Zirconium Material Co., Ltd. (the planning department determined that it was illegal and handed over, the unit that planned the administrative law enforcement authority has issued a penalty decision, and permanently suspended production)
            6) Shandong Jinqi Aluminum and Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines that it is illegal and transfers the unit that exercises the administrative power of planning administration, and the production is permanently suspended)
            7) Shandong Zhuoji Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines the illegal nature and transfers it to the unit that exercises the power of planning administrative law enforcement, and permanently suspends production)
            8) Zibo Ouli Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Huasaiwang Industry and Trade) (the planning department determined that the nature of the law was illegal and transferred it to the unit that exercised the power of planning administrative law enforcement. The law enforcement unit has issued a penalty decision and permanently suspended production)
            9) Zibo Nanyue Chemical Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines that it is illegal and transfers the unit that exercises the power of planning administrative law enforcement, and the production is permanently suspended)
            10) Shandong Guangrun Chemical Co., Ltd. (the planning department determined that the nature of the law was illegal and transferred it to the unit that exercised the power of planning administrative law enforcement. The law enforcement unit has issued a penalty decision and permanently suspended production)
            11) Zibo Kailingwater Water Purification Material Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines that it is illegal and transfers the unit that exercises the power of planning administrative law enforcement, and the production is permanently suspended)
            12) Shandong Shangkai Chemical Primary Color Emulsion Co., Ltd. (the planning department determines the illegal nature and transfers it to the unit that exercises the administrative power of planning, and permanently suspends production)
            Publicity period: May 26, 2020 to June 1, 2020
            Telephone: 0533-6965907
            Email: gqxghj@zb.shandong.cn
            If you have any objection to the rectification of the problem, please send the problem to the mailbox or telephone during the publicity period.
            Gaoqing County People's Government
            May 26, 2020

            Copyright @ 2019 Liaoning Hefan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

            Contact us

            Contact:Manager Liu



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